AWMA- RMSS-AWMA lunch meeting on Tuesday, December 14 from 12:00 PM-1:00 PM

Please join us for our next virtual AWMA lunch meeting, where our topics will be “EV and EV Charging Programs in Colorado” and “Drive Toward a Carbon-Free Future.”

The meeting will be heldonline via Microsoft Teams, from 12PM-1PM, on Tuesday, December 14th.

If you plan to attend this meeting, please RSVP to Joe Rubino ([email protected]).


Reductions in greenhouse gas emissions continue to be a focus for the transportation sector in Colorado. The Colorado Department of Transportation is in the process of developing rulemaking that establishes new pollution reduction planning standards. Electric vehicles will play a role in meeting those standards. The AWMA Rocky Mountain States Section is pleased to feature two Program Managers from the Colorado Energy Office and Xcel Energy at our December meeting who will present on a variety of EV Programs that are leading the charge to improve air quality across our state.

Matt Mines is a Senior Program Manager at the Colorado Energy Office where he manages CEO’s electric vehicle infrastructure grant programs including Charge Ahead Colorado, EV Plazas and the DCFC Corridors program. These programs incentivize the widespread distribution of charging infrastructure throughout the State with the intention of enabling easy Statewide travel in an EV. Charge Ahead has funded over 1,500 stations across the State. The Plazas and Corridor programs will add extensive fast charging infrastructure throughout the State. Matt has been involved in the electric vehicle and charging infrastructure sector for 6+ years.

Title: “EV and EV Charging Programs in Colorado”

Presentation Synopsis:

Matt will cover the State of Colorado’s electric vehicle and charging infrastructure planning and programming efforts to meet the State’s ambitious goals for electric vehicles. He will cover the State’s infrastructure and incentive programs including Charge Ahead Colorado, DCFC Plazas and Corridors. 

Ryan Odell is a Program Manager at Xcel Energy where he is a part of the Electric Transportation team. Focusing on policy and program planning, he supports the implementation of Xcel’s Colorado Transportation Electrification Plan (TEP). The TEP is comprised of six portfolios: 1) Residential 2) Multi-Family Housing 3) Commercial 4) Advisory Services 5) Partnerships, Research, Innovation 6) Purchase/Lease Rebates, that include more than 20 programs. One of the key benefits Xcel aims to achieve with TEP programs are – Reduced emissions and improved air quality. Utilities are responsible for electric supply that is increasingly clean. We see a potential for EV load to be managed such that more renewables can be integrated into the grid. 

Title: “Drive Toward a Carbon-Free Future”

Presentation synopsis: Ryan will be going over how Xcel is working with partners to achieve its EV Vision and bring its many benefits to EV drivers, its customers, and society. An industry leader in transportation electrification, Xcel’s broad range of innovative, customer-focused programs are making the transition to EVs affordable, easy, and accessible. Alongside Xcel’s clean energy leadership, these efforts will bring health and environmental co-benefits to drivers, all our customers, and society, helping the United States meet the climate targets that science requires.

In Other News…

Thank you to Todd Parfitt, Director of WYDEQ, for his presentation on EPA initiatives, regional haze, and wintertime ozone issues for our November monthly meeting. His presentation is available for viewing on our Presentations webpage. The RMSS-AWMA website now has a page for job postings: Please email the general RMSS-AWMA inbox at [email protected] if you would like our website to include a link to your

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