AWMA- RMSS-AWMA lunch meeting on Wednesday, July 22 from 12:00 PM-1:00 PM

Please join us for our next virtual AWMA lunch meeting, where we will hear from Megan DeMasters, a specialist in air quality programs within the Environmental Services Department at the City of Fort Collins.

A changing climate is expected to increase the risk of local and regional wildfires, which can affect air quality. Given the risk of wildfires in our area, Fort Collins is assessing what it means to be a Smoke Ready Community. Megan’s presentation will include:

• Definition of what it means to be a smoke-ready community
• Overview of programs and plans to increase smoke-readiness in Fort Collins including:
– Education and outreach materials prepared
– Collaborative partnerships
– Next steps in becoming a smoke-ready community
• The presentation will also include some lessons learned from COVID-19 as they relate to wildfire smoke preparedness.

The meeting will be held online via Microsoft Teams, from 12PM-1PM, on Wednesday, July 22nd

If you plan to attend this meeting, please RSVP to Ginger Fast ( ) by 11AM on Wednesday, July 22nd  to receive instructions on how to attend online.

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