A collection of papers and presentations from past meetings

05/25/2022: Overview of Colorado Regulations and Air Monitoring Tools Presentation (Gordon Pierce, CDPHE APCD Technical Services Program Manager)

3/23/2022 Air Quality – Bringing Research into Decision Making

2/22/2022 Energy and Air Quality Regulation-Perspective on Enacting Science-Based Policy in the Age of Community Science

12/14/2021 EV and EV Charging Programs in Colorado and Drive Toward a Carbon-Free Future
Xcel Energy Electric Transportation Vision

11/09/2021 EPA Initiatives, Regional Haze, and Wintertime Ozone Issues

09/16/2021 Colorado Emission Inventory & AQCC December GHG Rulemaking

07/20/2021 Health Impacts of Wildfire Smoke Exposure

05/04/2021 Organized Waste and Recycling in the City of Arvada

04/01/2021 How to Keep Your Project on Track Under the New Biden Paradigm

10/29/2020 Denver Metro and North Front Range Area: Compliance with Federal Ozone Standards

09/16/2020 Development and Implementation of New Alpha Building Downwash Options in AERMOD

08/20/2020 Compliance Program Development for Title V Facilities in the Serious Nonattainment Area

07/22/2020 An Overview of Fort Collins Programs to Address Smoke Impacts

06/11/2020 Colorado’s Approach to Addressing PFAS Contamination

05/12/2020 GHG Emission Trends and Policy Developments in Western States

04/22/2020 Quantifying Air Quality and Health Impacts from Energy Systems: Electricity, Agriculture, Transportation

02/18/2020 NA-NSR Permit Considerations in DFR Nonattainment Area

11/20/2019 Navigating Serious Non-Attainment

08/21/2019 Colorado Greenhouse Gas Inventory

07/25/2019 A Proposed Zero Emission Vehicle(ZEV) Rule for Colorado

06/19/2019 Clean Energy Technologies for Economic and Environmental Transitions

05/29/2019 Colorado 2019 Legislative Session Summary

04/11/2019 Per Fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) What They Are, Why You Should Care, and What’s Being Done

09/18/2018 Air Quality Community Action Network (AQ-CAN)

08/13/2018 Update on AQ Regulations and Guidance Affecting the Oil and Gas Industry

03/14/2018: Once In, Always In No More! and EPA Region 3 and 5 Pipeline Pigging Enforcement Developments

12/13/2017: Nonattainment NSR Requirement Refresher

10/12/2017: Beyond MACT DDDDD: Heater and Boiler Tuning From a Best Management Practices Perspective

8/23/2016: SIP 101: Introduction to Air Quality Planning

7/13/2016: EPA’s Clean Power Plan Under the Stay: What’s Happening, What’s Not, and What’s Next

1/20/2016: Planning for Implementation of EPA’s Data Requirements Rule for the 1-hour SO2 NAAQS

10/15/2015: Oil & Natural Gas Sector Proposed Methane and VOC Regulations

09/24/2015: 25 Years of IMPROVE Data: Past Lessons and Future Issues

08/27/2015: Implementation and Compliance Challenges Associated with the Clean Power Plan

07/30/2015: Air Quality Considerations for Biofuels

02/11/2015: Proposed Ozone NAAQS

09/17/2014: Green House Gas Regulation

03/26/2014: BLM Oil and Gas Presentation

03/27/2013: Air Quality and Smoke Coordination as Part of Wildfire Response

02/04/2013: AERMOD and CALPUF

11/09/2012: Colorado Air Quality Update

10/17/2012: Final Rule / Amendment to EPA Air Regulations for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry

05/15/2012: 2012 Technical Conference Sponsorship Form
05/15/2012: 2012 Technical Conference Registration Form

05/15/2012: Southern Ute Indian Tribe Air Quality Program

05/15/2012: Visibility Data Summary for the Northern Cheyenne Tribe

05/15/2012: Anthropogenic Light and the Atmosphere

05/15/2012: Applications of Photochemical Grid Modeling

05/15/2012: Nitrogen Deposition in Rocky Mountain National Park

05/15/2012: Emissions and Transport of Reactive Nitrogen from Cattle Feedlots Along Colorado’s Front Range

05/15/2012: EPA Region 8 Oil and Gas Activities

05/15/2012: WRAP Activities and Projects Report

05/15/2012: Ozone in the Denver / North Front Range Region

05/15/2012: State of the Association — Looking forward 2012

05/15/2012: Tracking the Climate of Colorado

05/15/2012: Air Quality Issues in the Rocky Mountain Region — PM2.5 Source Testing

03/20/2012: Introduction to Greenhouse Gas Inventories and Scope 3 Accounting and Reporting Standard

10/13/2011: Using Remote Measurements to Detect Fugitive Emissions from Oil & Gas Production Operations

09/28/2011: Some Risk and Benefit Considerations of Environmental Regulations — Ozone

09/21/2011: September 21, 2011 Anheuser Busch Tour

09/01/2011: Air Quality Permitting Issues with Portable / Temporary Internal Combustion Engines

05/18/2011: On-road emissions: New Results for NH3, NO2, and SO2 and the Potential for Remote Sensing Based Emission Testing Programs

04/27/2011: 40 CFR Part 63 Subpart ZZZZ review

03/23/2011: Biomass Green Energy

02/25/2011: Clean Air Act Permitting and Compliance Issues in Indian Country

09/09/2010: EPA’s New Ambient Air Quality Standards – Implications for Colorado